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So much for being back...

Really, I had intended to be blogging more. I even have a few half finished posts in my head waiting to be typed. However, there is always so much that keeps me away from the computer, or when i have a chance to use it, there are other, more important things to do. Like right now, I have some research that needs doing. That and I just got home from an extremely busy day at work. Oh well.
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Hello World


I’ve not talked with you in a rather long time. The fault is mine, of course, as I’ve not been on LJ in a rather long time. I got a little caught up in this strange thing called ‘Life’. Fun, yes, though a bit overwhelming and stressful at times. I’ve realized how much I’ve missed the Internet and my friends here though so I am coming back. Yay.

Quick catching up-ness is in order though, I should think, as it’s been close to a year or more since we’ve been in touch.

As of last June I have been working at Macy’s selling glasses, which i have to say is much better than being a cashier at the grocery. It’s both more fun, intellectually stimulating and has a higher pay rate. The down side is, that rather than a 15 minute bike ride, I know must travel about 45 minutes by bus. I can still bike there, when the weather is good, but don’t do so as often as I’d like because at some point on the way I get stressed that I’ll be late. Then again, it’s been a hectic summer, and mornings often felt rushed.
My husband is still in school for computer programming, though he will G-d willing be graduating this May. From there he will be attempting to get an awesome job both because he wants to and because we are expecting our child in December, and finding child care is as yet proving difficult. Should he manage to secure a well paying job, I’ll be able to stay home with the little one until it is old enough to interact with other little ones. In the mean time though, he is working at the local pizza factory, making pizzas and hot dogs. For some reason they decided to make hot dogs now too. No-one is quite sure why, but it’s their company so they can do as they wish, and it gives him a job on days he does not have class, so I can’t complain too much about it.

That in short has been my life for the last while.
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Cute cat

Soon I will be returning the cat. This makes me sad. I want to take him with me to work and squish him all day. Why must he be so cute????

Where's Azeraphel when you need him?

I have a whole slew of antique books that I am not using, nor do I have the means to store them properly. I want to sell them to someone who will care, but I don't know where to find such a person.

Also, I hate getting rid of things. However, seeing as I have been dragging some of this stuff from place to place for almost ten years, and not really using it, I think maybe it is time be pass it on. Alas.

So...If you think I might have something you want, ask me! I will be happy to work something out. Otherwise there will be a lot of things going to Good Will and used bookstores.
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Scaredy Cat Goes Out

For a few months now, I've been caring for my Alix's cat. (Yes, the Alix with the baby that has no name.) He is the cutest, most annoyingly lovable cat I have yet to encounter. He is also the scarediest cat on the planet. I am not exaggerating. He is afraid of heights, and the dark, scared of the outside, and get super lonely. He also has a tendency to eat to fast and throw up.

Whilst living with us, though, he's gotten much better. He still cries when we turn the lights out and leave him in the living room for the night, but he's thrown up much less, and seems a little less scared. Today we went outside. Not outside, to The Great Outdoors, but outside the apartment. He's been trying to sneak out and explore as I leave for work for a few weeks, so today I took him.

I tried to have him wear his harness and leash, because he's fast. He was having none of it. The moment I put it on he looked at me as if to say 'What is this thing and why is it attached to me'. He would not leave the apartment, or even look at the door. Just stared at me with big sad eyes. The minute I took it off though, ZOOM he was out sniffing the neighbors shoes and checking out the mail box. Until my husband opened the door on his way back from Shul and scared the meow out. He almost cracked his head on the corner of the door trying to get in faster.

Maybe we'll practice a bit with the harness in the apartment and try for The Great Outdoors next week.

I Attended a Home Water Birth, and All I Got Was This Wet T-Shirt

I've been wanting to start blogging again for some time now. However, through out the day I think of fun and interesting things to write, jot them down, and never post them. Then, some time later I think about them again, and realize they are not worthy of being posted.

This time is different. Also, I really am going to make an effort to post more from now one, not that anyone reads this anyway.

Last week, my good friend Alix gave birth to a squishy, broad shouldered boy. I had the honour of being present at the time. Originally the plan was to birth at a local birth center, my role was simply to be occupying the highly energetic 7.5 year old during the events. However, due to government regulations, the birth center is not allowed to be a delivery place for anyone over 42 weeks. Alix ended up being such a case. Thus, a homebirth.

I'll not post all the details, as Martin did a suprisingly good job of it over on his blog. What I will say is that the few weeks leading up to the birth I was very excited and nervious to be asked to help. On the one hand Mira, the 7.5 year old, and I get along superbly well, and it is always fun to spend time with her. On the other, I had never seen a birth, aside from the horrendious misery shown in the popular media. Though I was convinced it would be nothing liek that, I was unsure how unlike it it would be.

Let me say, it is as far from what the media shows as possible. Okay, maybe not quite that far, but definitely as different as egg salad is from pancakes. The environment was extremely calm, except for at the very moment of a contraction, often acompinied by a screaming Alix, and fearful Mira. Aside though, it was all very nice.

I wasn't in the room when the baby was actually born, as Mira had retreated to the basement, and though birthing was taking place at home, and I thus had additional functions of water-grabber and sometimes food-supplier, my main role of Mira-Wrangler was still in play. A few moments after he was born though, I was there and it really was amazing.

There was all of the sudden, a fully functional, fully formed human being, where there had not been one just a fraction of a moment before. Truly there is nothing more magnificent. It is a true miracle that such things happen. Even more so how the human body reacts.
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Not dead yet

I've not been posting much these days, I'm sure you've noticed, even though I magically have Internet. It's not that I don't like you guys anymore, simply, I have nothing to say. Life is really great right now, in a busy and ever so slightly stressful way. It's good, but it also means that I am *shock* busy living it and not hanging out on the Internet. ...I do come on and read what you guys have to say once a week or so though, even though I don't comment. I think I might be getting quieter and calmer as I live more of this Life thing. It's odd.

Sometimes I do have things to say, but by the time I get around to it they don;t seem relevant enough to actually post. Oh well. For some reason I'm actually okay with all this. Although, I do miss you people.
CSM Be Afraid

Bad day

My stomach is all wonky. I'm tired. The weather can't make up it's mind. My head hurts, and lots of other stress related stuff is going on around life. I want to sit down and write a post. But not now.

Now I need to groom the cat and feed the hamster. Also eat, and sleep. Because my head hurts and the only known cure for that is sleep, sadly enough. I hate sleep, but am coming to understand it's slight appeal.